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I certainly enjoyed the cooking classes and learnt from it - it’s very hands-on and I appreciate your honesty when there may be some things you are unsure of or have not tried out in fact, I am really looking forward to the next class! 

The small size class is good as we get to slowly absorb the new things instead of jostling over each other

Oh and of course, most importantly, the food tastes good. And when we are so hands on, it gives me the confidence and I can do this on my own too and it’s manageable and not overwhelming.


Rasheel is a wonderful Chef n teacher. She made cooking Indian cuisine so easy and quick! The session was well organised with everyone having sufficient time to be involved. I really enjoyed the informative hands- on session. I will def be back for more !


I thoroughly enjoyed ur cooking class too.. u were so patient and truly appreciate the tips u gave me on how to bake properly and u showed me how simple it is to use oven to roast a full chicken without drying it.. found ur way of teaching very well organised too babe.. right from the ingredients, recipes n aprons.. everything  was perfect.. u n ur food n classes are amazing.. just amazing.. haven’t taken any masala packs yet but I know they will be out of the world too just like ur food and ur classes are..




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